Madeleine Rossi

[mædəlɛn rɔsi]

Swiss national freelance journalist & consultant, photographer and linguist.

Combines business with passion since 2008 and can be found (randomly) in Switzerland, Italy and Corsica.

Linguistic Services

Avid language-lover, I translated million of words since 2004 and offer translation, proofreading/editing, transcreation and rewriting services.

My working languages: English and Italian into French (French for Switzerland, France and Belgium).

My fields of expertise: medical/pharmaceutical, patient/site facing documents, life sciences, insurance (risk pooling, disaster risk financing), environment, climate change & sustainable development, legal (criminal law and forensic science), automotive, social sciences.

And some of my main clients…

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I have been serving as an hybrid of reporter and researcher for nearly 10 years, with a preference for topics related to the organized crime, money laundering, mafia-oriented petty crime, but also to history and society.

# Radio Télévision Suisse (Swiss public broadcasting), Diploweb (France), Corse-Matin/Settimana (France) and other Swiss and Italian blogs and media

I worked for several years (2011-2016) with the anti-mafia Italian foundation “Antonino Caponnetto” based in Florence, Italy, and participated to numerous anti-mafia conferences/initiatives in Florence (Italy) and in the Republic of San Marino, and field interventions (prevention efforts directed at the general population, assistance and support, collection of information).

I have been part of the Scuola di formazione nella gestione delle emergenze* (SFORGE) research department, also based in Florence, Italy, since 2017. My working areas mainly focus on intelligence and terrorism, organized crime issues, and communication in emergency situations. I just wrote a report on the Italian mafias in Switzerland with the support and collaboration of SFORGE (in Italian only - a French version will be released soon):

* Emergency Management Training School (NATO NCAGE AP335/UN Academic Impact member)

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Pictures are worth a thousand words… so all I can tell here is that my immense passion for image, photography, natural world and landscapes has accompanied me throughout (so) many years.

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